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1. Industrial Networks and Real-time Systems  
 [1]2013 May~2015 August, "Design Technology of Real-time Control Networks for Naval Combat Systems(함정 전투 시스템을 위한 실시간 제어 통신망 설계 기술)", Samsung Thales/ NRF(LINKS), 2012년 지역혁신인력양성사업(3년) 
 [2]Sep.2011~Aug.2014, Performance enhancement of NCS using insect behavior(Firefly anf Dragonfly), NRF Program(Adventure Project, 3 years program, 모험과제), Ministry of Education and Science. 
 [3]April 2011 ~ March 2012: Fault torlerant dual CAN networks for large scaled ship engine, STX and Orion Technology 
 [4] June, 2009 ~ May, 2011(2009.6-2011.5):Industrila Ethernet IO devices using MMS(국제 생산 메시지 규약이 탑재된 산업용 이더넷 기반의 다접점 I/O 모듈의 설계와 개발), 산학협력실 과제(중소기업청), 산자부  
 [5] Sep. 2009.-Aug., 2010: "Design and Implementation of Message Protocol for Solar Power plants"태양열 발전 시설을 위한 원격 모니터링 메시지 프로토콜의 설계 및 구현, 연구재단, 그린에너지 사업단, 교과부  
 [6] June 2009-May 2010: "Design of Multiple I/O module with Embedded MMS " , 기초연구과제, supported by Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation (산학협동재단)  
 [7] 2007.8-2009.7: "Wireless Fieldbus Control Systems using IEEE 802.15.4 Networks" supported by the Korea Research Foundation Grant funded by th korean Government (MOEHRD) 
 [8] 2007.4-2007.12: "Wireless Control Systems in Factory Environments", Gumi Digital Electronics Industry Promotion Foundation 
 [9] 2006.2-2007.1: Cooperative Research and Development ("Development of Network module on a DeviceNet master"), supported by Metronix, ESCRC 
 [10] 2003.3-2005.3: Real Time Issues of Wireless Sensor Network, supported by wnl at School of ECE, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y and KOSEF, Korea 
 [11] 2001.4-2002.4: Development of High Speed Network System for Nuclear Plant (KEPRI, Ministry of Science Technology) 
2. Networked Embedded System  
 [1] June 2011 -December 2014, "2011 GLOBAL IT talents Program (그로벌 IT 인력 양성 사업)", 총괄 책임, NIPA, 지경부 (3년, 5억)  
 [2]August 2010-May 2011: Distributed Control Networks for Hybid Green Enegy Power Plants(혼합형 그린에너지 발전 시설을 위한 분산제어망의 설계 및 구현), 그린에너지 사업단, 연구재단  
 [3] Mar. 2010- Jan. 2011 (2010.3.1-2011.1.31): "Software Platform for Multi-Functional Data Acquisition(MDAQ) System" 다기능 데이터 수집 및 관리시스템 개발, 산업단지 혁신클러스터사업 기술개발 사업, 산자부  
 [4] 2006.7-2007.4: "Development of Communication module for Public View Monitor based on Personal Area Network", supproted by ORION technology and PoP-iT 
 [5] 2002.10.1-2003.2: Development of Home Network for Digital Home Appliances based Power Line Communication-2nd STEP (3 years) (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Co.) 
 [6] 1999.12.1-2001.9.30: Development of Home Network for Digital Home Appliances based Power Line Communication-First Step (2 years) (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, LG Electronics Co.) 
 [7] 1999.9.1-2000.6.30: Development of Intelligent PDA System for Factory Automation (ETRI)