Intelligent Structure Design Lab
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Intelligent Structure Design Lab

Dr. Jun-Sik Kim

Department of Mechanical System Engineering
Kumoh National Institute of Technology

Office: 243 Techno Bldg., (054-478-7397)
Lab: T241 (Analysis Lab), T248 (Design Lab)
Resume: Dr. Kim's short resume

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Research Interests

  • Smart Actuators and Sensors
    • Smart Structures, Smart-Material Actuators
    • Smart Composite Structures
    • Vibration and actuator control
    • Structural Health Monitoring System
  • Solid Mechanics and Structural Dynamics
    • Mechanics of Composite Materials
    • Asymptotic Theories for Elastic Bodies
    • Aeroelasticity
    • Multi-physics and Multi-scale Mechanics
  • Computational Mechanics
    • Finite Element Method
    • Flexible Multibody Dynamics
    • GUI for Analysis Tools (pre- and post-processing)
    • Computational Asymptotic Analysis
  • Rotorcraft Dynamics
    • Modeling of Nonlinear Composite Blades
    • Ground and Air Resonances
    • Modeling of Dampers used to Hub and Mounts
    • Vibration and Loads Control via Trailing Edge Flaps