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My Wife ..(1996.11)                                                   Sung Hun in His Ma! 1997 . 9                            


 My lovely son (1998. 10)

                          My wife in Honeymoon (96.12)            


With PaPa!!!



  First Birthday of My Son.(1999.4)                                                                 My son will be ..(1999.6)




 At Yang Pyung..(1999.7)                                                                                        With His GrandMa.(1999.2)


Ga Pyung..(1999.10)                                                                                                                              My Brother(2000.4)



               JeBu Island..(1999. 8)                                                                                                                          With CISL Member (1998)


International Journey Album (Sorry !! under-construction)

America Traveling:


                 New York(94), New York(99, 2003,2004), Washington D.C(94, 2004), San Francisco(2000.5), Seattle(2000.6), Detroit(99.4), Boston(99),

                 Poukeepsie(94,95),  Redmond-Microsoft (2001), Orlando(2003, 2004), Miami(2003, 2004), Montac(2003), L.A(2002), Lasvegas(2002),                  Tempabay(2003)


                  Columbia Univ.(1994),  Harvard Univ.(1999), Washington State Univ.(2000), Boston Univ, M.I.T(1999), Stanford Univ.,(2002)

                 Cornell University(2003-2005)

                Photos at Famous Place:

                 White House(1994), Niagra Fall(1994), Cape Cord,  Lode Island, Mohonk Mountain Areas(2000)

                 Microsoft Campus in Redmond(2002),  Golden Gate and Sanfrancisco Bay(2001),  Skyline View of Seattle(2002),

                Disney at Orlando, Sealand at Orlando, Universal studio at Orlando, Disney at Anaheim(L.A), Universal studio at L.A

                Five Finger Lake Region, Watkin Glen, Grand Cayon, Ontrario Lake(Fair heaven beach), Thousand Islands, Hershey Park,

                AAA county, Daytona Beach,

     Canada Traveling (2003): Hamilton, Toronto, MarineLand, Safari Land, Ottawa

     Europe Traveling (2004): Austria, Portugal, Spain

     Japan(2002) Traveling : Bacbu,  

     Honkong(2001) and Macawoo(2001)  Traveling