December, 2004

 The way you got meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives your purpose and meaning.


   From March 2004, I joined to School of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National Istitute of Technology (KIT) as a faculty member. I have been engaged in research and education in the area of real-time communication , networked embedded systems and near field communication (NFC) protocols, as to provide ubiquitous access to wireline and wireless resources for industrial and millitary users. The emphasis in my research is on the real-time networking environment such as factory,  nuclear plants and networked millitary operation using wired and wireless network. My researches are sponsored by both governmental agencies and industrial companies. As always, please, feel free to contact me with questions and comments concerning my information and joint researches. Thank you.

Brief Resume


Education and Careers

 anib10.gif June, 2014 - Present: Director, ICT Convergence Research Center

  ICT Convergence Research Center supported by the Ministry of Education

 anib10.gif 2004.3 - 2014.5: Professor at School of Electronic Engineering at KIT

  Networked Systems Lab. (NSL), School of Electronic Eng.,  Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT), Korea

 anib10.gif 2007.12 - 2009. 2: Visiting Professor at Univeristy of California

  Network Research Group, Dept. of Computer Science,  U.C. Davis, CA, U.S.A.

  anib10.gif 2003.3 - 2004.2, 2005(Summer, Winter):  Post-doctoral and Visiting Researcher

   Wireless Network Lab. , School of ECE.,  Cornell Univ. (CU),   NY, U.S.A

   anib10.gif 1998.3 - 2003. 2:  Ph.D. (Main Topic: Real time communication and Industrial Network), 

   Control Information System Lab., School of ECE,  Seoul National Univ., Korea

   anib10.gif 1994.8 - 2003.2 : Full-Time and Chief Researcher

   Engineering Research Center for Advanced Control and Instrumentation (ERC-ACI),   Automation and Systems Research Institute, Seoul National University, Korea.

   anib10.gif  1988-1992, 1992-1994:  B.S, M.S., Research Assistance

         SCANN Lab. Department of Electronic Engineering,   HanYang University, Korea

Recent Professional Activities

Interesting Research Areas

   anib01.gif  Real Time Issues in Industrial Networks (Sensor Network, Wireless Control bus, Fieldbus, and MMS on TCP/IP).

   anib01.gif  Networked Control systems and Real-time Systems

   anib01.gif  Protocol Design and Applications for Home Networking and Intelligent Building Automation System

Interesting Application Areas and Skills

   anib01.gif  Networked Embedded System,  RealTime O.S. (WinCE 3.0, Embedded Linux, MicroC/OS-II)

   anib01.gif  Home Network Middle-ware (UPnP, JINI), DCOM, COM+

   anib01.gif  C, C++, XML (Extensible Markup Language), JAVA based Nwtwork Programming

   anib01.gif  Matlab, OPnet Modeler 11.0,  Mathmatica, NS2.

   anib01.gif  Three-wheeled Holonomic Omni-directional Autonomous Mobile Robot (ERC-AMR, Pioneer)

Project Works

     If you have any questions about the related issues, please don't hesitate to mail to me.

 Papers and Patents

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